Coal Thermal Oil Heater

YWL Horizontal Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater

coal fired thermal oil heater Horizontal type coal fired thermal oil heaters use coal as fuel, the heat transfer oils is heated in the tube first, then the fluid thermal oil will flow in the closed loop pipe to the heated equipment and then return to the thermal oil heater again, in this way, the heated object can reach a high temperature (Max. 320℃) with indirect heating. It is especially suitable for industies which are flames prohibited Bidragon biomass and wood fired thermal oil heater is high efficient compared with other heating systems.
1. Multi-passes thermal conductive structure to improve the thermal efficiency greatly
2. Horizental tubes can reduce the heat loss.
3. Thicker insulated layer to reduce heat loss by thermal radiation.
4. Intelligent control system makes biomass fired thermal oil boiler operation easier and more simple.

Advantage of YLW Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater
1. Double dense coils installed in the boiler furnace, the heating surface is more sufficient.
2. The thermal oil flows from the low inlet to the high out let, in this way, the produced gas can easily go out of the system.
3. Automatic temperature control system, operator can adjust the temperature precisely and accurately.

Horizontal Coal Fired Thermal Oil Heater Technical Specification ylw coal fired thermal oil heater specification Other Fuel Option

Biomass Fired Oil/Gas Fired Coal Fired Electric

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