Why do we need hot oil heater when we have a secondary fluid with low temperature limits

Amine is commonly used in gas processing plants and other applications to help remove H2S and CO2 from gases. The downside to amine is that it begins to degrade rapidly when portions of the fluid reach 350°F or higher. Using a direct fired heater as the heat source in this case is difficult because the film temperature of the amine can easily surpass the 350°F limit. In cases like this using a specialty heat transfer system (or hot oil) is a clear solution.

Hot Oil Heater

Hot Oil Heater

By picking a heat transfer fluid with a higher maximum film temperature – maybe 600°F – you can feel comfortable heating it directly in the heater, and using the hot fluid in an exchanger to warm the amine in a more controlled environment that is less prone to temperature variations. Now the amine is happy, the heat transfer fluid is happy, and you are happy because you don’t have maintenance or performance issues.

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