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Vertical Thermal Oil Boiler
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Biomass Fired Oil/Gas Fired Coal Fired Electric

Thermal oil boiler is a indirect heating system, it is working under low pressure, so the performance is stable and safe. Thermal oil offers the user the capability of high temperature operation at very low pressures. Due to the low operating pressure and properties of thermal fluids, most heaters are operate easily and licensed boiler operator is not typically required.
Working Principle:
Liquid phase heat transfer medium is heated in the boiler, and then flow and circulated to one or multiple heat energy users in a closed loop system. The thermal oil is flow by the force of a pump, there are 2 pumps in the whole system, one working pump and another one is a spare pump, in any case the working pump stoped, the spare pump will start work immediately, so the system wont breakdown. Bidragon offers standard thermal fluid heaters, custom engineered thermal fluid heaters, complete thermal fluid systems and a full range of parts and support for your process.
Thermal Oil Boiler Application:
1. Industry Petrochemical Industries:polymerization, melted, condensation, distillation, removal H2.
2. Oil industry: fat and acid distillation, grease decomposition, concentrated, esterification, vacuum deodorizer, high-temperature cooking, advanced salad oil.
3. Synthetic fiber industry: polymerization, melt spinning, extending, drying.
4. Textile printing and dyeing industry: heat setting, hot melt dyeing, melt bake calendering drying, high temperature stenter, oar yarn.
5. Plastics and rubber industry: hot pressing, hot cast, vulcanization molding, calendering injection machine, plastic mixer, conveyor dryer, screw extruder.
6. Paper Industry: dry, corrugated paper processing, egg tray, food cardboard drying, calendering machine, roller.
7. Timber industry: multilayer plywood, fiberboard molding, plywood, wood drying, steaming equipment.
8. Building materials industry: road bitumen heating, gypsum board drying, heating bitumen concrete, concrete elements curing, drying equipment.
9. Air-conditioning industry: industrial plants, residential and hotel building heating. 10. Detergent Industry: cooking boiler, autoclave, spray-washing tower, a conveyorized dryer, lipolysis device distillation column.
11. The automotive industry: the tunnel-type drying room, degreasing baths, phosphate processing equipment.
12. Electrical equipment industry: calendering machine, the platen machines, vacuum pan, dryer.
Other Fuel Option

Biomass Fired Oil/Gas Fired Coal Fired Electric


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