Thermal Oil Heating System

Thermal Oil Steam Generator

Thermal oil steam generator is a equipment which turn water to steam, the water is heated by thermal oil circulation system. This equipment is heated by the recovery thermal oil. The heat loss of steam generator is less than 2%. Application

  1. High temperature thermal oil is flowing in a closed loop circulation system, it heats the water and turn the water to steam, in this way operator do not need another steam boiler to produce steam.
  2. In some factory, the thermal oil heating system is first installed, the energy user equipment is not yet ready for the whole system. If operator wants to test the thermal oil heating system, steam generator can play the part of energy user. In this way, the test time can be reduced.
  3. Some industry requires a accurate temperature during the production. When the temperature need to be changed, the output temperature is hard to be controlled, in this situation, a steam generator will do a lot help. Operator just need to install a valve between the thermal oil heater and the steam generator, the out put thermal oil temperature will auto control the valve to make sure the final temperature is under accurate control.

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