Thermal Oil Heating System Technological Process

The technological process of thermal oil heating system is designed according to customers requirement. 1. Oil Supply: ther thermal oil can be supplied to the heating system from external source or oil storage tank. 2. Circulation System: high temperature thermal oil will carry the heat energy to the heat consuming equipment, the circulation system including circulation pump, thermal oil heater, heat consuming equipment, oil and gas separator, filter and all the pipes, valves and other accessories. 3. Cold oil replacement: in any case if the thermal oil heater is shut down, or the electric power is cut off. Operator should open the valve to start the cold oil replacement. This system will enable cold oil flow in the circulation system so the circulation oil wont be too hot to cause accident. This system including expansion tank, oil and gas separator, filter, circulation pump, thermal oil heater, valve and pipes. 4. Odd oils and gas from the over flow, separator and expansion tanks must drain off to safe area separately 5. Monitor: there must be indicators of the temperature and pressure, they must correctly indicate the thermal oil heating system working condition. 6. Instant exhaust system: There may be large amount of steam at the beginning. Operator should open the instant exhaust valve and close the expansion tank’s discharge. After the large amount steam and gas discharged, the heating system will work stable, there will only be little gas generated during the process, then operator can close the instant exhaust valve and open the expansion tank’s discharge. Gas will go out through the expansion tank. 7. Bypass system:  if the heated equipment do not need to heated any more, operator should start the bypass circulation. 8. Safety protection system.

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