How to Avoid Explosion Accident of the Thermal Oil Heater

Thermal oil heater takes coal, gas, oil, wood and other biomass materials as fuel, compared with the steam boiler and hot water boiler, it avoid the problem of pressure, scale formation, corrosion and frost. But this equipment is not perfect, as the thermal oil is imflammable, misoperation may cause explosion accident. Main causes of the explison are as follows: 1. Quality issues: The quality of flange connection, welding and sealing is poor. Some manufacturersuseshielded metal arc welding to seal the main weld part, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of welding, the appearance and shape of welding is also poor. If the welding and connection is not qualified, they may cause leaks and If you must use flange connection, flange connection leakage is a major weakness, improper seal can cause fire and explosion. 2. Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Modification: liquid forced circulation heat carrier is the most prone to premature deterioration of the problem, it willlead to overheating,burst pipes and fire accident. Heat transfer fluid modification may caused by the following: a. Local overheating and cracking. If the equipment is set at a temperature higher than the rated temperature, the local overheating will occurs cause thermal decomposition and condensation, carbon deposition, flash point decline, the color will go darker, viscosity and residual carbon content will increase, it this situation, the heat transfer efficiency decrease, it will finally coking. b. If there is air in the circulation system, The heat transfer oil will react with oxygen in the air and produce organic acids, it will condensed into mud. This will not only reduce the life of the thermal oil, but also causes acid corrosion in the system, affect the safety. 3. Imperfect circulation pump. Operator should choose a right pump, or else the flow speed will be too fast or too slow, the heat transfer will be affected. 4. Over Pressure. If there are gas or water included in the thermal oil, they will go out as the temperature rise. This may finally case pressure increase and blast boiling. If there are too many water turned to steam during the process, they will block the oil pipe and cause accident. 5. Lack of safety accessory: safety valve, liquid level indicator and protection device is required in the system. Operator should check the working condition of these equipment from time to time, they will help to avoid leaks and explosion accident. How to avoid the explosion accident:

  1. Choose the thermal oil heater from reliable manufacturer.
  2. Check the pressure valve from time to time, make sure it works and will release gas to reduce the pressure when necessary.
  3. Pay attention to the temperature, it should never work over the rated temperature.
  4. Avoid sudden change of the temperature.
  5. Blow the heater before use it, to make sure all the flammable gas are blow out of the heater.

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