Thermal Oil Heater in Textile Industry

textile thermal oil heater In printing and dyeing industry, a electric powered heating tenter is usually used. Nowadays more and more textile factory choose thermal oil heater because of the high temperature, indirect heating, multiple fuel choice and low maintenance cost. There are 2 main problem when using a steam boiler in textile industry.

  1. Steam goes into the roller and then discharged directly, it is a disposable heating solution., the thermal energy use ratio is only about 30%. This cause a great waste of water and fuel.
  2. The running and maintenance cost is huge, take the dyeing for example, it will use 12~12 ton steam to dye 1 ton polyester-cotton fabric. But if use a thermal oil heater, it will only use 1000~1200 kg coal. A thermal oil heater greatly reduce the cost and will save 30~50% of the energy.

The staining fluid is heated by the thermal oil, the cylinder have 2 openings, and they are  connected with the thermal oil inlet and outlet, that is to say the thermal oil and the cylinder composed a closed loop circulation system. During the heating process, there is no other heat loss, the thermal energy use ratio is close to 100%. Thermal oil heating system provide a stable heating to the staining fluid, it will also lengthen the equipment service life.

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