Thermal Oil Heater Applied in Rubber Industry

Traditional rubber-sulphidized process is heated by steam boiler. The working pressure is 0.6~08 Mpa, plate temperature 150~160℃. The whole process contains a long pipe system, the discharge of condensate water may decrease the working temperature, this problem is especially happened in winter. The unstable working temperature will cause fail product. What is worse, if the steam pressure is unstable too, it may cause waste product. Use thermal oil heating system instead of steam boiler, will improve the rubber sulphidized process efficiency and quality, because thermal oil heating system is working under low pressure, it providing a stable temperature energy to the product..  Bidragon provide design, install, training service to customer. We are devoted to help our customer to reduce energy and cost, improve the product quality, work efficiency. Thermal Oil Heater Also Applied in Industry: Light Chemical: polymerization, condensation, distillation, distillation, concentration, evaporation, melting Petrochemical: synthesis, reaction, distillation, rectification, heating, thermal insulation, heat storage tanks, heavy oil heating Grease: Oil decomposition, deodorization, fatty acid distillation, heating, hydrogenation, esterification Plastics and Rubber: hot, rolling, extrusion, vulcanization molding Leather industry: artificial leather processing Textile: heat setting, drying, curing, evaporation, melting Fiber Fiber: polymerization, melt spinning, weaving processing, molding, thermosetting, extension, dry Coating Paint: Paint baking, drying, high temperature solid melting, appliances, vehicles baking, painting Car airplane: Painting baking, drying, thermoforming, high-temperature bonding Wood processing: pressing, drying, wood processing and wood products (lumber, furniture), wood-based panels (medium density fiberboard, particle board, plywood, OSB) man-made fiber boards, laminate molding, wood drying, wood drying, plywood, particleboard, MDF, suitable for fuel (sanding flour, wood flour, bark, wood) Forest Products Industry: hot, dry, plywood, medium density fiberboard, particle board, oriented strand board, straw board, plywood, plywood, veneer, wood processing, lumber, wood floors, wood drying, wood products, furniture, wood flooring Printing paper: corrugated board processing, paper processing, printing ink production and processing, hot melt, dried Building materials: Asphalt dissolved, concrete maturation tank, waterproof material production and consumption Cement: fuel heating Carbon industry: asphalt heating, insulation, melting, melting, impregnation, kneading, molding Road traffic: road construction machinery, asphalt heating, melting, thermal insulation Municipal Highway Road: asphalt heating, melting, thermal insulation Asphalt heating: asphalt heating, melting Air conditioning: Heating heat, heating and ventilation, radiant heating Pharmaceutical Industry: Health Medicine Nuclear industry: nuclear fuel reprocessing Metalworking: pickling, plating, painting, oil bath, heat treatment Electric: resin impregnation, dissolving, thermal insulation Food Industry: Food baking, processing Cereals: Feed Other uses: a variety of high-temperature heat source for heating the production process

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