How to Choose the Heat Transfer Fluid for Your Thermal oil Heater

Choose a right heat transfer fluid can improve the thermal oil heater service life, improve the thermal efficiency and avoid some dangerous accident. Here are some tips on how to choose and test if the fluid is in good quality.

1. Heat stability test
Heat the thermal oil at high temperature and check if it is still transparent after the test. Operator should check the suspended solid and sediment. According to the international standard, the max temperature of mineral type thermal oil is 320°C

2. Inspect the Vaporability and Safety
The open cup flash point meet the standards.
Initial boiling temperature should lower than the max working temperature. It should has a narrow distillation range and high ignition point.

3. Inspect the heat transfer oil quality
It should be Yellowish Transparent Liquid, good storage stability. There is no color change or sediment appears after light. Carbon Residual should less than 0.1%.

4. Inspect the low temperature fluidity
According to the local weather condition, operator should consider the low temperature fluidity, Pour point should below 9℃

5. Inspect the Heat Transfer Property
Low viscosity
High specific heat capacity, heat conductivity coefficient and density.


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