Thermal Fluid (Oil) Heating System Composition

The thermal Fluid heating system is composed of combustion system, heating system and control system. 1.Combustion system including combustion chamber, Blast blower, induced draft fan, dust remover, waste heat exchanger and funnel. 2. Heating system including: thermal oil heater, thermal oil storage tank, expansion tank, circulation pump, oil filling pump, filter and oil-gas separator. 3. Control System including controller and all the electric instrument Heat Consuming Equipment The temperature of thermal oil is depends on the heat consuming equipment. The oil temperature should be higher than the needed temperature. Heating surface area is inversely proportional to the temperature difference. In chemical industry, some materials are easy to dissociate and coking at high temperature. Operator should study the materials character and set it at a reasonable temperature. Thermal oil heater is the main equipment of the heating system. Usually it is tube furnace. The thermal oil flowing speed should not be too slow or else it may have coking problem, but if the oil flows too fast, the flow resistance require more power from the pump, operator should consider the project detail situation to set the flow speed. Oil circulation pump The pump should be reliable and stable, non leaks. Every heating system should equiped 2 or more oil circulation pump. Expansion Tank (the head tank) This equipment is used to balance the systems pressure. The thermal oil will have change in volume and the expansion tank will help to make sure the pressure is in control, What is more, the expansion tank will separate and discharge the water and steam. Normally, this expansion tank is installed at 3 meters high place. Expansion tank is a non pressure vessel, there are gas outlet, water outlet and liquid level indicator. Oil Storage Tank (the Lower Tank): It is used to storage oil, It should only contains little oil when the system is running. Oil filling pump: To fill oil to the heating system. Filter The metal mesh filter will remove impurity and coking material, there may be some coke particle and polymer caused by high temperature, to increase the thermal oil heater’s service life, customer can choose the fine filter which filled of stainless steel powder. Oil gas separator: used to separate and discharge air, steam and other gas in the heating system.

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