Thermal Fluid Heater Ignition and Heating Up

Start the circulation pump to make the thermal oil flow in the circulation system. Open the oil discharge valve on the expansion tank. Ignite the burner to heating up the thermal oil. Heating and the heating curve The ignition and heating up of thermal fluid heater need to be paid attention to,operator should be carefully. The temperature rise rate should be low. When the temperature reaches 95~110℃, operator should stop heating and let the thermal oil circulate for a while at this temperature. When the temperature reaches 210~230℃, operator should stop heating and keep the thermal oil circulate at this temperature for a while.

1. Start the thermal fluid heater, the heating rate better be 10℃/h till it rise to 90~90°, this is because the cold oil has a higher viscosity, the flow speed is lower, if heating speed is too fast, it may damage the pipes.

2. When it reaches 90~110℃, operator should keep the heater running at this temperature and control the heating speed less than 5℃/h, this is to get rid of the water content in oil. If operator hearing water hammer knocking and seeing the pipe is shaking, the heating up must be stopped, or turn off the burner if necessary. Operator should make sure the water is completely removed then can rise the heating rate again.

3. Operator can continue the heating when the pump pressure is less than 0.4Mpa, the temperature must not higher than 120℃ until the gas are completely removed.

4. When the water and gas are completely removed, operator can adjust the heating rate to 30℃/h When the temperature reaches 210℃, operator should stop the heating to remove the light component. After the circulation pump pressure is stable, operator can adjust the heating rate to 10℃ again.

5. After all the gas is removed operator can adjust the heating rate to 40℃/h, but operator should pay attention to all the indicators and meters to make sure the thermal fluid heater is working well.

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