Steam Accumulator

Steam Accumulator

steam accumulatorSteam accumulator is an insulated steel pressure tank containing hot water and steam under pressure. When large quantity steam needed, the steam accumulator will constantly provide engouh steam in short time. The steam accumulator also improves the boilers stability.  3%-20% fuel can be saved at the same time. In any case the boiler stopped, steam accumulator will continuous provide steam to make the whole process going. Working Principle: Normally, steam accumulators are horizental type and connected with a boiler or a generator. 90% of the accumulator is filled by saturated water while the other 10% is filled by steam. If there is any extra steam in the boiler,  they will flow into the accumulator and heat the saturated water inside, in this process, the accumulator pressure will be increased. If the boiler can not produce enough steam in production, the accumulator will release steam and the inner pressure will be decreased, then the water will boiling and provide more steam to keep the whole system working under stable condition. Applicable Industry Steam accumulator is widely use in iron and steel industry, metallurgy industry, textile industry, chemical fiber industry, pulp and paper industry, brewing industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, power generation industry and other industries. Technical Specification of the Steam Accumulator steam accumulator

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