Some Installation Tips Of Thermal Oil Heaters

1. Set the heater on a concrete slab, foundation or supporting structure to provide a stable base for the heater.

2. When installing a vertical heater, make sure that its supporting structure is level. Otherwise you will need to shim its base to make the heater perfectly level. Use anchor bolts to secure the heater base to the supporting structure.

3. Make sure you comply with local regulations for foundation design, especially in areas prone to windstorms and earthquakes. Install the heater in a location where there is at least 3’ of space around the heater for easy access to all sides of the heater.

4. Leave enough space in front of electrical enclosures or panels to allow the doors to open fully. Consider the need for space to remove the helical coil if that ever becomes necessary.

5. Do not place anything in that space that would be unduly difficult to clear. Make sure that the exhaust stack is well supported. Some stacks are designed to be mounted on the heater without extra support while some require additional support. When additional supports are used, they should allow for expansion and contraction.



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