Keep Thermal Fluid Safety you need know(2)

Here I continue to tell you about safety of thermal fluid system.

Thermal Fluid Boiler

Thermal Fluid Boiler

Catastrophic Equipment Failure. A catastrophic equipment failure may result in the rapid release of large quantities of thermal fluid. As the fluid is released, the relatively larger surface area of the droplets and their velocity will result in rapid cooling. When this occurs, there will be a certain amount of smoke present due to the hot fluid reacting with air (oxidizing). Any resulting fire or catastrophic failure hazards can be minimized through proper design, operation and maintenance of the equipment:

  • Never operate a thermal fluid above its boiling point.
  • Maintain good ventilation in the area around equipment.
  • Minimize the fuel available for a fire. To do this, the expansion tank should be equipped with a low level switch to shut down the entire system.

Loss of Circulation in the Heater. Severe potential for fires can exist if the thermal fluid flow is interrupted without causing the heater to shutdown. Under this no-flow condition, the temperature of the fluid inside the still- energized heater increases rapidly to well above its boiling point.

Equipment failures may result in spontaneous ignition of any leaking fluid. The most effective protection is to install a high/low pressure switch on the pump discharge or a low differential pressure switch across an orifice plate or similar type flow meter. The switch should be wired to shutdown the system immediately on loss of flow.

After knowing how to keep the safety of thermal fluid boiler, you must using it in a better way.



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