Oil/Gas Thermal Oil Heater

Horizontal Thermal Fluid Heater

gas thermal oil boiler Thermal fluid heater is also known as organic heat carrier heater, commonly known as hot oil boiler. It is a new energy equipment which takes coal, oil and gas as fuel, heat transfer oil as the circulating medium. It is widely used because of the irreplaceable advantage of “high-temperature low-pressure” and stable performance. Easy operation, safety and environmental protection, energy saving, high precision temperature control, and low operating pressure, in modern industrial production it has been widely used as a heat transfer equipment. Thermal fluid heater is mainly applicable in industry of crude oil, natural gas and mineral oil heating, storage, and transportation. In refinery factory, thermal oil heater is successfully used to preheat the cold material, and has been successfully used in lubricant manufacturing process solvent and extraction agent evaporating.
Technical Main Specification: gas fired thermal oil boiler specification More Application:

  1. Chemical Industry: mainly for distillation, evaporation, polymerization, condensation / demulsifying, lipidation, drying, melting, dehydrogenation, heat insulation and forced pesticide, intermediates, antioxidants, surfactants, perfumes synthesizing means .
  2. Oil Production industry, thermal fluid heater is mainly used for oil decomposition, distillation of fatty acids, fat, nitration, hydrogenation reaction, concentration, vacuum deodorization means for heating.
  3. Synthetic fiber industry, thermal fluid heater is mainly used in the polymerization, heating and melting, spinning, thermosetting, fiber finishing, extending and drying equipment.
  4. Paper industry, mainly used for slurry coating roller, roller drying, drying rooms, drying cabinets, hot melt machine, melt the wax pot corrugated paper processing and heating.
  5. Plastic and rubber industry, mainly used for hot pressing, hot casting, extrusion, kneading, mixing, vulcanization molding, injection molding machine, mortar mixer, conveyor dryers, screw extruder and die heating and insulation.
  6. Air conditioning and electrical equipment industry, mainly used for centralized or decentralized heating factories, offices, hospitals, buildings, hotels; electrical equipment manufacturing polishing machine, plate rolling machine, vacuum machine, dryer, drying chamber, vacuum chamber heating.
  7. Fat and coatings industry, primarily for autoclave, dryers, distillation irrigation, evaporation plant, paint drying, baking, drying and curing the high temperature heating.
Biomass Fired Oil/Gas Fired Coal Fired Electric

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